What clients are saying...

Michael & Shawn H  -  Thank you Hanne for helping us find our apartment. Having a true professional like you really helps.

Mike & Kathy K  -  Everyday we say to each other how happy we are to live in our new home. We are most grateful for your guidance through this journey. You were patient with us when we decided against Cultus Lake and you were kind, patient and professional when you helped us sell our old house. Thank you for the friendliness and the first class service you gave us.

Corrine M  -  Hanne, I can't believe a year has gone by so fast. If you had asked me the first month I would have said it was a mistake but now I realize how perfect my home and surrounding area is for me. The people are so kind and of the same mind set. I wanted you to know how often I think of you and how much I appreciate the hard work you did to help me find this home.

Sunny W  - Hanne, your professionalism and hard work on my behalf was really appreciated. I know trying to sell a mobile in winter can be a challenge and nearly impossible. Only you could have gotten so many offers. More then that, you are truly an earth angel in my life.

Sandra & Tev  - Thank you so much for everything you have done to support us and the hard work in helping us make our decision on settling and buying our home. I think we are going to love it. You are a wonderful individual and we are glad we got to know you.

Adel K  -  On a rainy day out pops the sunshine which happens to be you. Thank you for the professional way you worked with me and how you cared about us. You are the best agent ever and I have know many, but none like you.

Rick, Tamara, Cynthia & Cooper  - Thank you for closing the deal that will bring us much happiness. We love our home! You were a pleasure to work with and we will be happy to pass your name on.

Danni  - Once again Hanne thank you for going above and beyond the call of duty in selling my condo. I look forward to you helping me find a new home now.

Carol S  - I am sure I would have been up the creek without a paddle if you had not been there to help me. You really saved my life selling my home for me. Thank you.

Aneli & Osmoo  -  Hanne, you are the Best Lady in Real Estate. Thank you.

Conner & Estelle R  -  It's taking a while but we are finally getting organized and settling into our new home. We wanted to thank you for the very professional way you handled our real estate transaction and the kindness you've shown.

Conner & Estelle R  -  It's taking a while but we are finally getting organized and settling into our new home. We wanted to thank you for the very professional way you handled our real estate transaction and the kindness you've shown.

Reg & Patti  -  Thank you so much for the special farwell BBQ. It meant so much to us and made it even harder to leave this great neighbourhood. Thank you for the gift certificate to our favourite place to eat.

Lorilee & Kevin G  - We just wanted to say a big thank you to you for all the work you have been doing for us. We appreciate it a lot. Thank you for the words of encouragement.

Carol Worthington  -  I have used many agents before selling and buying homes over 20 years, and there were many. But no one was as kind and thoughtful as you. You really listened and understood what I needed. You were patient with me and I can be a handful. You are simply the best! You found me such a perfect home and I do not think I will ever move again. I value our friendship that grew during my real estate adventure. Keep in touch please.

Linda & Brenda  -  We met through a close friend who said you will love her....well she was right, we do love you. What a lady you are. There was never a time you said you were too busy. We gave you a very tough list of must haves and you sure found them all. My goodness, what a talent. We remember having pizza in your office at 1am and you not stopping the negotiations until this home was ours. You did the tireless work with a smile. You told us we will know when we walk in the door, that we found our home. Well you were so right, we walked in and looked at your smile which we know was telling us yes, we found our home. Much appreciate!

Janic M  -  Hanne was my real estate agent when I sold my home quite a few years ago and her support through the stressful process of selling my home I will remember and appreciate always. She helped me stage my home with a very poor assortment of furniture and it looked great. She walked me through the paperwork, gave me the time to understand what I was reading and answered all of my questions with patience. I wanted to find a new home to move into when my home sold and she chauffeured me or met me in or out of town for viewings. She was honest about the pros and cons of any property if I asked. When my home went on the market it sold in a very short time and for my asking price. Ultimately those are the most important things. I have had good and bad experiences with realtors over the years, Hanne was not just one of the good ones, but the best.  Her knowledge, experience and sincere kindness are invaluable.  

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